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Media image of Europe in the context of vectors of international relations: experience of global information TV channels

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For citation: Putseva M. Media image of Europe in the context of vectors of international relations: experience of global information TV channels // Mediascope. 2021. 3. Available at:

DOI: 10.30547/mediascope.3.2021.7


© Maria D. Putseva

PhD graduate at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),



 The aim of the study is to examine and compare the key vectors of the Europe’s media coverage from the point of international relations by the leading global news TV channels: CNN International (Northern America), BBC World News (Europe), Al Jazeera English (the Middle East), RT News (Russia) and CGTN English (Asia). The international relations with the three largest regions of the world – America, Asia and Africa were considered within the three levels of worldwide interaction: "region - region", "region - country" and "country – country”. The results of the study indicate that the media coverage of Europe by global news TV channels in the context of worldwide interaction with America and Asia has been mostly embracing the contacts with regional monopolists (such as the United States, China, India and Japan), while the coverage of worldwide interaction with Africa is found to be equitable in reflecting ties with developed and backward countries.


Keywords: Europe, media image, international relations, global TV news



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