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Regional Information in National TV News as a Factor in Forming Media Reality

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For citation: Maksim A.A. (2016) Regional'naya informatsiya v federal'nykh telenovostyakh kak faktor formirovaniya kartiny mira [Regional Information in National TV News as a Factor in Forming Media Reality]. Mediaskop 2. Available at:


© Anastasia A. Maksim

PhD (Political Science). Senior Lecturer at the Chair of TV and Radio Journalism, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia),



The article shows the tendencies in presenting regional events in Russian national TV news. There are lots of information about foreign affairs, but regional news is biased towards official, negative or sensational topics. In this research we discover a mismatch between regional events and media reality. The analysis of the news content and daily editorial practice helps estimate a place of regional information in the national news. This research is based on news programs of two Russian national TV channels ″1st Channel″ and ″5th Channel″. The main problems of the national TV news are the unbalanced coverage of the regions and standardization of news selection. Several tips can help journalists. One is planning the regional news releases for optimal topic balance in the program. Another is an improvement in journalists’ skills and interaction with regional news producers. It is important to transform these tendencies towards forming of dialogue between journalists and audience. Use of local news has potential opportunities for the quality improvement of TV news.

Keywords: TV, news, media reality, social functions of journalism.



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