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Special Features of the International Agenda Formed by Global News Channels

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For citation: Gikis S.N., Ashabova M.H. (2020) Specifika formirovanija mezhdunarodnoj povestki dnja global'nymi novostnymi telekanalami [Special Features of the International Agenda Formed by Global News Channels]. Mediaskop 2. Available at:


@ Svetlana N. Gikis

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor at the Chair of Journalism, Media Communications and Public Relations, Pyatigorsk State University (Pyatigorsk, Russia),

@ Madina H. Ashabova

Graduate of Institute of International Relations, Pyatigorsk State University (Pyatigorsk, Russia),



Conscious and purposeful agenda-setting is a characteristic feature of all major contemporary media, while global media, by virtue of reaching their audience, are focused to a large extent on the international agenda. At the same time, approaches to its formation differ depending on the territorial affiliation of the media and the editorial policy. The aim of the research is to identify the goals, methods and specifics of the international agenda formation on the BBC World News and Russia Today TV channels. In this regard, this study analyzes the formation of the agenda by global news channels according to the following ten criteria: chronological, territorial, personal (the formation of news around a statement or act of an individual); priority sphere of public relations (politics, economy, culture, society, events, science, sports); tone (positive, negative, neutral); the presence of threats and negative forecasts in the news, the share of sensational and shock content, multimedia content (emphasis on video or audio), the share of publications without any informational reason, the presence of specific editorial problem-thematic interests (topics and stories developed by the editors of a particular media). The obtained results allow us to make recommendations to editors when forming a more balanced agenda in geographical, social and emotional relations.

Keywords: agenda theory, international media, global news, news events.



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