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Roll Captions on TV Screen and Culture of Media Speech

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For citation: Surikova T.I. (2017) Begushchaya stroka na teleekrane i kul'tura mediarechi [Roll Captions on TV Screen and Culture of Media Speech]. Mediaskop 2. (in Russian). Available at:


© Tatyana I. Surikova
PhD, Associate Professor at the Chair of Russian Language Stylistics, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),



The article outlines the findings of Russian TV channels Rossiya-24, OTR, REN, Zvezda information broadcasting monitoring in July-August 2016. Teletext written elements (running lines / titles, logos, incisions) are analyzed. The first part of the article describes a new semiotic ratio of oral and written speech: both forms, traditionally mutually exclusive, become complementary in the discourse of television. This quality determines their stylistic image - the ultimate brevity of form; also two ways of using: 1) as a written support, highlighting the basic structural, media and communicative properties of the message; 2) as a means of important news broadcasting during the transfer of the main story.

In the second part of the research, written television speech problems are systematized as a consequence of 1) its system properties in the plane of the screen; 2) problems of TV editors language training; 3) active trends in the language development. Also in this part of the article universal semantic and stylistic quality control methods when preparing text for broadcast are considered.

Keywords: subtitle, information compression, media etiquette, spelling trends, format standard of speech problems.



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