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Lifestyle Modeling in Urban Media Projects

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For citation: Sidorova S.Yu. (2016) Modelirovanie stilja zhizni v urbanisticheskih mediaproektah [Lifestyle Modeling in Urban Media Projects]. Mediaskop 4. Available at:


© Svetlana Yu. Sidorova

PhD in cultural studies, Associate Professor at the Chair of the Editorial and Publishing Business and Information Science, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),



The article considers the conditions for the production of a new lifestyle paradigm within the framework of the media festival of the Seasons of Life magazine (Russia, Moscow) and the socio-environmental project "Activation" (Russia, Vologda). The research goal is to identify new forms of interaction between the subject and the object in the media projects of creative urbanistics which are under review, as well as the analysis of the functioning of cultural codes in the process of creating the lifestyle of the "doer" (maker) and "accomplice". The author relies on the methodology of Mikhail Bakhtin, Johan Huizinga, Yuri Lotman, Pierre Bourdieu, Jean Baudrillard, Henri Lefebvre, Guy Debord, Henry Sanoff.

City festivals, organized on the territory of Moscow by the lifestyle magazine Seasons of life, are considered as scenario-game models that shape the lifestyle of a city dweller. The festival is a meeting place for the hero, author, reader and partner in the urban space, as well as a zone of new, creative and intellectual work. Workshops in which guests of the festival participate (target audience of the magazine) represent a production process that becomes a bright emotional and ethical experience for all involved parties. An important role in the perception of information is also played by the environmental background surrounding the festival venue and dictating the laws of composition and substance of media content.

The socio-environmental project "Activation", initiated in the field of creative urban geography in 2011−2012 by young Vologda architects and designers, is turned into the public space of the city and is called upon to form social communication and a certain way of life of the Vologda residents.

Exploring the potential of the territory, given its historical context, the organizers of the project provoke the city's residents to develop creative forms of interaction with the urban environment and with each other, relying on the cultural memory and creative imagination that evoke an appeal of using in constructions the traditional building material for Vologda − wood.

The most interesting research issue regarding this phenomenon is the strategy of involving individual residents and entire urban communities in the "production of space" (Lefebvre) through the methods of "collaborative design" (Sanoff).

Under the influence of new media projects, emerges the new image/lifestyle of the society of creative producers, habitat makers, into which a metropolitan inhabitant and a consumer of "volume media text" is immersed.

Keywords: lifestyle, media festival, creative urbanism, socio-environmental project, media project.



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