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Private and Public Television of Greece during the Years of the Financial Crisis (2009−2016 гг.)

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For citation: Plekhova O.V. (2016) Chastnoe i obshchestvennoe televidenie Gretsii v gody finansovogo krizisa (2009−2016 gg.) [Private and Public Television of Greece during the Years of the Financial Crisis  (2009−2016 гг.). Mediaskop 4. Available at:


© Olga V. Plekhova

Doctoral Student at the Chair of Foreign Journalism and Literature, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia,



The economic crisis that hit Greece in the late 2000s, deeply affected all aspects of social life, not leaving the audiovisual media aside.

During the years of the economic crisis in Greece a constant rearrangement of forces in the field of broadcasting and a significant change in the programmes' schedule has been occurring. The largest private TV channels are forced to fight for survival, balancing on the verge of closing.

In terms of a dramatic decline in funding, reduction in advertising revenue, as well as increased competition for viewers (and, consequently, for the advertiser) private Greek national broadcasting channels prefer uniformity and similarity of their programs, rather than pursuing uniqueness.

At the same time they are ready to abandon the obligations prescribed by the constitution to ensure the quality level of programmes and prefer to bet on low-cost programmes, attracting a large number of viewers. That is, foreign TV series, discussions, reality shows, TV games. The series on the "anti-crisis" topic begin to appear in the schedule of TV programmes.

During the period of the economic crisis the public broadcaster ERT attempts to justify its socio-political role, preferring to completely abandon the competition with commercial channels and the pursuit of economic profit. Despite the numerous problems and the temporary closure, the public broadcaster is attempting financial recovery, looking for a new course and trying to become more open to the public, establishing "feedback" with the audience and publishing the cost of the programs (while trying to keep their decent level of quality).

Key words: Greece, financial crisis, private television, public television, ERT



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